Emergency Services

Emergency services workers – both paid and voluntary – make a huge contribution to the safety of people and property in regional NSW. Our first responders need to be well trained and resourced to enable them to respond to incidents quickly and safely.

Volunteers handle a large proportion of emergency response in regional, rural and remote areas, and in recent years volunteer numbers have been going backwards.

Those belonging to brigades, groups and units and putting their safety on the line to protect others deserve government support. The NSW Nationals continue to recognise the contribution of the emergency services sector and will supply resourcing necessary to ensure they can continue keeping individuals and communities safe.

Police and road safety

We want more police officers on the beat in regional, rural, and remote NSW to ensure communities are safe and criminal activity is addressed. We will better resource the force by recruiting more officers and supplying proper housing for regional and remote postings.

Road safety is a major priority for the NSW Nationals with the regional road toll significantly higher than the cities. We will work to improve road safety in four key areas – safe road use, safe roads and roadsides, safe speeds, and safe vehicles. Strategies and programs that address driver behaviour all form part of the plan to keep road users safe.

Justice and corrective services

Our justice system must ensure all people are treated equitably and have access to a fair hearing. This means people from various backgrounds have support to navigate the justice system regardless of ethnicity, language, or socioeconomic status.

The NSW Nationals support a corrective services system that the public has confidence in and that is built to serve local communities.

Domestic and family violence

All Australians should have the right to feel safe, particularly in their own home. We know this is not the case for all families, with women and children most often affected. People living outside the cities have reduced access to services, often resulting in a family moving from their home and community to feel safe.

The NSW Nationals are committed to a range of programs that protect and counsel victims, keep families in their own home and ensure perpetrators are dealt with appropriately. Early intervention programs, support networks and community awareness training form part of the longer-term strategies.


The NSW Nationals recognise and value the economic and social contributions of traditional owners, migrants, refugees and culturally and linguistically diverse people to regional NSW. We reject racism and religious prejudice and supporting equality of opportunity for all Australians.