Our Structure

Branches and Electorate Councils

The NSW Nationals is comprised of groups of Members organised into local Branches and then into State and Federal Electorate Councils based on the electorate boundaries. 

The importance of having strong Branches and Electorate Councils to the NSW Nationals cannot be overstated. So much of what the Party offers its Members – the right to vote on and have a say in the direction of the Party – is dependent on having access to the platform that can only be provided by an active and engaging local Branch and, on a wider regional level, Electorate Council. 

Having an engaged membership active across a network of Branches also ensures that the Party, through well organised Electorate Councils, is in good shape to contest election and by-election campaigns particularly under difficult circumstances. 


A Branch is usually based in local town or district and comprises not less than ten current Members. A Member can only be enrolled in one Branch at a given time, in addition to being members of the Young Nationals and Metropolitan Branch. 

The Branch should be a conduit for representing local issues to the local Nationals MP and Electorate Council, as well as engaging with the local community to strengthen the Nationals brand in the area. 

Electorate Councils

State and Federal Electorate Councils are based on the NSW and Federal electoral boundaries respectively and are comprised of all Members who reside within that electorate. 

Generally speaking, Federal Electorate Councils focus on federal political affairs within their bounds, while State Electorate Councils have a state focus.

All Members of at least six months standing (other than Associate Members who are limited to Branch activities) are entitled to attend, vote at and hold office-bearers positions in their Electorate Council.


The NSW Nationals Executive is led by Chairman Andrew Fraser, Senior Vice Chairman Sam Farraway, Vice Chairman Wendy Machin and Treasurer John Cameron AM.