Who we are?

The NSW Young Nationals is a vibrant community of young people who are committed to achieving the best for regional New South Wales.

Our members are spread across the State and come from a variety of backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, a plumber, a student, have your own family or still live at home; the Young Nats are pleased to involve anyone who wants to join the fight to provide better government policies for the regions, particularly those affecting young people.

What sets us apart?

The Young Nats are the only movement dedicated to advocating for youth in regional NSW.

We offer every member the chance to have a say on the issues that matter to them most. Every member is entitled to attend our conference, put forward motions, vote on motions, elect office bearers and be a full participant within the senior party as well. There are no divisions in the Young Nats and we will always include anyone who shares our ideals.

We’re 100% regional

The NSW Young Nats are unique. We’re the only political group designed just for young people from the regional, rural and remote NSW. While politics brings us together initially, we’re much more than that. We’re like a big family and whenever we get together, we have a great time.

Have your say

Every Young Nat is invited to have their say on the issues they’re most passionate about. We welcome every member to attend our conferences, put forward and vote on motions and elect or serve as office bearers.

An equal voice

Every Young Nat has full voting and speaking rights within the senior party. We don’t always agree with one another, but that’s ok. Your voice will always be a welcome addition to the conversation.

No factions

There are no divisions in the Young Nats and we always include and support anyone who shares our passion for the coast and country NSW.

What do we do?

Between developing policy, campaigning and hosting cracking social events, we do a bit of everything as long as it’s regional.

Connecting with like-minded people

We may be a political organisation but we love having a good time.

We play sport, we host parties, we debate and we’re always open to new ideas about how to engage young regional people. We also hold an annual conference that enables every member to make high profile contacts and form lifelong friendships.

Making policy

We care about what you think when it comes to making our regions better.

We regularly discuss and develop policy that looks at addressing the issues affecting people in regional NSW, particularly the challenges facing young er people in our areas. All Young Nats are welcome to join our policy committee, which looks at how we can practically engage leaders to make a difference in our communities.

Making a difference

In the lead up to elections, Young Nats come together to campaign for their local member. We can teach you many skills from organising large teams, to persuading the public vote, to scrutineering or cooking up a fantastic BBQ.

Become a Young Nat

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