Save the ute

NatsConnect has been established as a corporate engagement program for businesses and individuals to connect with State and Federal NSW Nationals MPs.
It has been designed to:

  • Build relationships with key players in future coalition governments.
  • Provide your ideas and feedback.
  • Ensure our Parliamentary team keeps a finger on the pulse of business in our regions and effectively highlights relevant issues in policy considerations.

2024 Calendar of Events includes:

Flagship Events

Specifically designed for you to hear from our Leaders – their vision, policies, and ideas for the future of our state. Events include:

    • Annual General Conference (13 – 15 June 2024 in Wagga Wagga)
    • Sydney Corporate Forum (November 2024)

Industry Boardroom Forums

A more formal Dining series of events run as smaller boardroom-style lunches and dinners with a portfolio focus. These events will run monthly (May to November) in conjunction with both State and Federal MPs in attendance.

Special Networking Events

Offers you the chance to mix with key Nationals MPs in a more informal and relaxed setting in both Sydney and regional areas.

For further information about NatsConnect, please email or phone 02 9299 5811.