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The laws regarding political donations for state elections are very strict. Certain restrictions apply to the making of political donations, including purchasing tickets to fundraising events. By offering to make a donation you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the legal requirements and affirm that you are eligible to make a donation.

Limitation on Donations to Political Parties

Political donations must be disclosed in NSW and only people on the electoral roll, entities with a business number, or those whose identification has been accepted by the NSW Electoral Commission can lawfully make political donations. There is a cap on political donations to the NSW Nationals. The cap is $7,600 for aggregated political donations to or for the benefit of a registered political party during the 2023/2024 financial year. This contribution is considered a donation to the NSW Nationals. From January 2020 it is illegal for any individual to donate over $100 in cash to any political party.

Prohibited Donors 

Property developers, registered clubs, tobacco industry business entities, for-profit liquor or gambling business entities (including any industry representative organisation where the majority of its members are these entities) and their close associates are prohibited donors. A director or officer or person whose voting power is greater than 20% (and their spouses) are considered to be a close associate, as is a person in a joint venture or partnership with a property developer. Further, the spouse of a prohibited individual donor is a close associate. A property developer is an individual or corporation carrying on a business mainly concerned with the residential or commercial development of land or facilities, with the purpose of sale or lease for profit, and in the course of carrying on that business: Has 1 relevant planning application pending determination; or has had 3 or more relevant planning applications determined within the past 7 years It is unlawful for a prohibited donor to make a political donation. If you make a donation and within 12 months become a property developer an amount that is double the amount or value of the donation will be payable to the State.

Disclosure Warning 

Where aggregated contributions including donations exceed $1,000 in any one financial year, these must be disclosed by the donor to the NSW Electoral Commission, as required by the Electoral Funding Act 2018. Penalties apply for failure to lodge a declaration where required. ‘Political Donations’ include direct monetary contributions, event attendance fees and annual or other Party subscriptions.

Further information

The above is a summary only. For the complete requirements, see Part 3 of the Electoral Funding Act 2018 (NSW).