Women's council

Since we formed a Women’s Council in 2012, we’ve been working tirelessly to help support the interests of women in regional New South Wales and encourage more women to pursue their political ambitions.

It is critical to our future as the only organisation dedicated to serving the needs of regional New South Wales that we increase the number of bright and energetic women as Party office bearers and Members of Parliament.

Women’s Council doesn’t only work for the interests of Party members. They have an important role in developing policy that benefits women across regional New South Wales.

Who is on Women’s Council?

The Council is made up of two delegates from each State and Federal Electorate Council as well as four delegates from the Young Nationals, all serving female members of Central Council and all current and former female Parliamentarians.


Women’s Council is charged with the role of developing policy in the interests of regional women. These policies are then taken to Annual General Conference each year where the Women’s Council spearheads the argument for their adoption as National Party Policy.

The influence of the Women’s Council in policy development ensures that National Party policy is reflective of the needs and desires of the State’s population.