Protecting farming families from activists

Our farming families have enough to worry about during the drought without having to fear for their safety as animal activists seek to cause havoc and spread disease.

Farmers, feedlot operators and meatworks have the right to feel safe in their businesses and their homes, which is why The Nationals have taken a tough stand against inner-city activists that want to destroy what we’ve worked so hard to build.

Historic Right To Farm enshrined in law

The strongest protections for the state’s farmers and farming families are protected under the law after the NSW Nationals passed the historic Right to Farm bill through Parliament.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW John Barilaro and Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall worked hard with the entire Nationals team to make sure that the historic Right to Farm bill passed both houses.

“Regional NSW is experiencing extremely trying times – suffering through this devastating drought and battling ferocious bushfires – the absolute last thing our farmers need is the threat of trespassers and expensive legal disputes,” Mr Barilaro said.

Mr Marshall was delighted the bill had passed both houses, despite Labor refusing to support the bill at any stage.

“This is historic for our state’s farmers, introducing the toughest penalties in the nation for farm trespass and providing farmers with a nuisance shield to protect them from unnecessary and costly legal disputes,” Mr Marshall said.

“We are the first jurisdiction in Australia to enshrine in law a farmers’ right to farm their land and have rigorous protection from the threat of illegal farm incursions.

“If a farmer is undertaking lawful agricultural activities, they will have the full protection of the law in NSW against farm invasions, intimidation and interference in their farming operations.”

Under the Bill, penalties for aggravated farm trespass will increase from fines of up to $5500, to three years jail time and up to $22,000 in fines.

“Farmers are under siege across our state. They do not have the time and do not deserve to also be faced with a battle against illegal trespassers driven by lunatic ideology,” Mr Marshall said.

“Farmers have waited for years for legislated protections – and I am proud to be the Minister for Agriculture that has worked with our stakeholders, including NSW Farmers and the cross-bench, to finally deliver the protections they deserve.”

The Right to Farm Bill delivered on a key election commitment by the NSW Nationals in Government.