Arts and culture

Access to a range of diverse artistic and cultural experiences is important for the social wellbeing of all Australians. A healthy arts scene builds community cohesion and vibrancy, encouraging social interactions and a sense of place as well as creating a cultural offering for visitors.

The NSW Nationals support funding local art groups to encourage diversity, expression of culture, exploration of the latest ideas and to help with the attraction of performances.

Community groups and not-for-profit organisations

Community groups are the backbone of our towns, supplying a range of services that address specific community needs. Having a high volunteer base, these groups supply emergency services, social services, events, help the aged or disabled and fill gaps that the government does not fill. The NSW Nationals recognise the importance of these groups and the help they need to run effectively.

Sport and recreation

Sport and recreation clubs and their members play a significant role in keeping regional communities physically and mentally healthy, connected to others and cultivating a sense of community pride.

We support investment in sporting infrastructure and equipment to encourage participation and supply pathways for growth to senior and professional competition level.


The NSW Nationals in Government have given our young people a seat at the Cabinet Table by creating the Regional Youth Taskforce – made up of young people from across the state.

The most important challenge facing the future of country NSW is creating opportunities for our young people. It is harder to be a young person in regional NSW than in Sydney, which is why we have a dedicated Regional Youth Minister and are setting up an Office of Regional Youth.