Nationals in Government delivering on promises

It has been 100 days since the Federal Election, and the Nationals in Government are getting on with the job and delivering on our plan.

This includes delivering tax relief for 10 million Australians. We believe you should keep more of what you earn.

We’ve delivered practical help for our drought-affected farmers. We’ve taken action to lower electricity, child care and medical costs. We’re taking tough action against law-breaking unions. We’re also stopping activists from threatening farming families. We’re building congestion-busting infrastructure. This will create jobs and get you home to your family sooner.

To keep Australians safe, we are taking action against returning foreign fighters and those who seek to harm children. And we’re getting on with making sure we actually recycle plastic waste rather than shipping it overseas or dumping it in landfill.

We will continue to back you and your family. This means working to deliver a stronger economy, lower taxes, better infrastructure and guaranteed services.

Tax Relief

Our tax relief plan passed Parliament. Around 10 million taxpayers are now getting tax relief of up to $1080 for a single income family or up to $3160 for dual income families.

When our plan is fully implemented, 94 per cent of taxpayers will pay no more than 30 cents in the dollar.

Supporting Farmers

We’re backing our farmers by establishing the $5 billion Future Drought Fund.

This will improve the resilience and preparedness of rural and regional communities.

Protecting Farming Families

Australian farmers, their families and agri-businesses have a right to feel safe. We’re taking action to tackle those who incite trespassing on agricultural land.

More Jobs

In the three months from May, employment has increased by 84,000.

The Government is committed to 1.25 million more jobs over five years – including 250,000 jobs for young Australians.

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is being reformed and we’re creating an extra 80,000 apprenticeships.

Supporting Seniors

We’ve cut deeming rates, meaning around 1 million Australians will benefit from a boost to pension and welfare payments.

More Affordable Aged Care

We’re also lowering fees for aged care delivered to your home.

From July 1, a new basic daily fee came into effect, reducing fees by up to $400 a year.

Affordable Medicines

New PBS medicines are available to treat lung cancer, brain tumours, leukaemia, inflammatory diseases, cystic fibrosis and depression.

Your family could save many thousands of dollars a year.

Since 2013, the Government has listed more than 2100 medicines on the PBS.

Cheaper Doctor Visits

A huge 180 GP services under Medicare started receiving higher rebates from July 1, lowering costs for you and your family. This includes health assessments, mental health and after-hours care.

Better Health Care

New projects are being delivered for your family under the Community Health and Hospitals Program.

Services include cancer treatment, rural health and hospital infrastructure, drug and alcohol treatment, chronic disease management and mental health.

More Affordable Electricity

Family and business power bills are being reduced. From July 1, electricity prices have been capped for nearly 800,000 customers on standing offers.

More Power For Consumers

New Consumer Data Right laws will help you to compare and switch home loans and credit cards, along with energy, phone and internet companies.

Protecting Superannuation

New rules protect your super. These include capping fees on low balance accounts and banning exit fees.

We are also requiring the transfer of low balance and inactive accounts to the ATO, so they can be consolidated into active accounts.

Recycling Plastic Waste

We’re making new investments in our domestic recycling industry and working with States to ban the export of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres.