The NSW Nationals believe affordable housing is important for people living and working in regional, rural, and remote areas.
We want to ensure people outside of the major metropolitan areas have affordable housing options. The NSW Nationals also want to provide social housing by targeting those most in need – i.e. seniors, and families with dependent children.

Tackling homelessness

The NSW Nationals in Government commit to halving street homelessness across the state by 2025.

We are working hard to break the cycle of homelessness because it is not just an issue in the city, it affects our regional towns. Homelessness is a complex social issue that cannot be solved by government alone – that’s why we are inviting the best and brightest from the frontline and the community to collaborate with us to find new ways of tackling street homelessness.

Mental health and substance abuse issues are often the underlying causes of homelessness which is why we are focusing on early intervention and will deliver a multi-faceted approach to combating this issue.

The NSW Homelessness Strategy sets the direction for the next five years, focusing on prevention responses that address the root causes of homelessness and early intervention responses that will reduce the longer-term impact of homelessness.