The NSW Nationals in the state government are encouraging eligible landholders to apply for funding through the Supporting our Neighbours program to help replace bushfire-damaged boundary fencing adjoining public lands.

Funding through the program is still available, and the NSW Nationals in the state government remain committed to helping bushfire-hit rural landholders recover, rolling out thousands of kilometres in fencing bordering public lands throughout the state.

Fencing loss was a major issue for farmers during the devastating 2019/20 bushfire season, which is why the NSW Nationals in the state government have committed $209 million to this program. This is a massive amount of money to help our landholders recover, and we would hate to see anyone eligible for the funding miss out.

The program allows eligible landholders to receive a one-off grant of up to $5000 per kilometre to purchase fencing materials, which will go a long way to helping them cover the cost. Even better, payments can be issued retrospectively, so if someone has already rebuilt their boundary fences bordering public lands, they can still receive funding through this program.

Millions of dollars have already been put back into the pockets of local landholders through the Supporting our Neighbours program, but there are still many people who are yet to access the scheme.

If any rural landholders have lost any boundary fencing with your public lands neighbour, please get in touch with your Local Land Services staff, as there is no minimum or maximum amount you can apply for under this scheme.

For more information about the Supporting our Neighbours program and to apply, visit or call 1300 778 080.