The local apple industry in the Batlow region will soon benefit from a new investment worth a total of $2,283,050 thanks to the NSW Nationals in the state government’s $140 million Bushfire Industry Recovery Package and the joint Commonwealth local economic recovery funding.

NSW Nationals Duty MLC for Wagga Wagga Wes Fang announced that the Seven Springs Orchard will innovate and boost apple production in the heart of Batlow following a government grant.

“This investment will support apple production, a key part of the horticulture industry in Batlow, and help this important industry get back on its feet,” Mr Fang said.

“Delivering modern, high-density production areas and making use of previously unproductive blocks, this project will support economic growth and work opportunities in the region as it recovers”.

NSW Nationals deputy leader Paul Toole said the projects will help impacted industries create new jobs, build industry sustainability, increase value-add production and support supply-chain efficiencies.

“We are providing grants to ensure these industries can continue to generate jobs and money for regional NSW, because bushfire impacted towns that are now enduring COVID-19 cannot afford further job losses and economic downturn,” Mr Toole said.

“We are also backing projects that will keep and create new jobs and boost resilience, things like adopting new manufacturing processes, technology upgrades, productivity improvements for cooperative facilities and industry-wide marketing campaigns.

“Getting these projects up and running will significantly help businesses with their bottom line, which will in turn support local economies and provide reassurance to people living locally.”

To date, more than 486 projects have been announced through stream one of the Bushfire Industry Recovery Package, with more than $23 million paid to successful recipients since June 2020.

For further information about the Bushfire Industry Recovery Package, visit www.nsw.gov.au/bushfire-industry-recovery-package.