Many regional communities are built around resources – fishing, forestry and mining are just a few of the industries providing vital jobs outside of the cities.

The NSW Nationals understand how important our resources sector is to the economy of NSW and our nation. Our regions are resource-rich, producing materials that are used both locally and around the world.

Everything that’s real comes from the regions, from our tomatoes to our wine and even the coal and gas that keeps the lights on and heats our homes.

NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro

It is important we work to protect and develop regional industries and regional jobs, so that our communities continue to be great places to work and live. We recognise our natural environment needs protection, but we must balance that against opportunities for local communities to grow and thrive. We believe there is an important need for local communities to have their say on their local environment, without losing opportunities because of big-city protest groups.

We want to see more regional jobs encouraging local employment, and we want local communities to be a fundamental part of the decision-making process.

Resources for Regions

The NSW Nationals are proud to support the Resources for Regions program, which delivers funding to mining-impacted communities in NSW.

Since 2012, Resources for Regions has delivered $295 million to 65 projects in mining-related communities across NSW. Projects supported include roads, water and sewerage systems, and social infrastructure such as childcare centres.