The NSW Government is investing up to $5.3 million in water security projects for Tamworth as the drought continues to worsen across the State.

With inflows extremely low, the Nationals in Government are investing in short and long term solutions to safeguard Tamworth city from depleting water supply.

Immediate construction of a series of temporary weirs in the Peel River and near the pumping station will be undertaken by WaterNSW and Tamworth Regional Council at a cost of $3.4 million. Beyond this short term solution, almost $2 million will be used to protect the town water needs of Tamworth and plan for a longer term water security solution.

A recent study by Tamworth Regional Council found that Tamworth’s existing groundwater supply, once thought to be the city’s back-up supply source in drought, will be an inadequate.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said the works will be completed by December this year and will minimise water losses along the Peel River.

“The times are tough, but the Government is ensuring that our communities have water security to support our businesses and safeguard our jobs, but also keep our farms running,” Mr Anderson said. “Through the construction of the temporary weirs, these measures will reduce around 17,000 megalitres in transmission losses in the Peel River annually and extend Tamworth’s surface water supplies.”

The Government has provided nearly $4 million in funding to projects in the Tamworth Electorate through the Safe and Secure Water Program since 2017. These projects have included assistance for the Manilla Water Supply System upgrade and investigations into Walcha’s town water security.