The Hon Ben Franklin MLC

President of the Legislative Council

Member of the Legislative Council

Ben grew up at Barham on the Murray River, where his parents were teachers. At school he was a keen debater, and won a scholarship to complete his Higher School Certificate in Sydney. Prior to joining The Nationals as State Director, he held the role of Communications Director for UNICEF Australia.

Serving as the Party’s State Director from 2008 to 2015, Ben oversaw all aspects of the Party’s operations including election campaigning, strategic direction, membership, fundraising, and publications. He presided over one of the most successful periods in our history and helped usher a new generation into our ranks.

In 2010 he instigated and ran the first community preselection in Australian political history – in the state seat of Tamworth. Over 4,000 people voted in the primary and the winner, Kevin Anderson, went on to win the seat back for the National Party.

Ben was elected to the Legislative Council in 2015 as the lead candidate on The Nationals’ ticket. In January 2017, Ben was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy and Northern NSW. In May 2019, Ben was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Energy and the Arts.

In December 2021 Ben was appointed Minister Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Regional Youth.

Ben is now the President of the Legislative Council.

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Parliament House, Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

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