The Federal Nationals in Government have opened a competitive tender process for the delivery of the new Regional Digital Technology Hub that will support regional Australians in building digital capabilities

Nationals Minister for Regional Communications Mark Coulton called for all interested providers to apply now for the design, build and operation of the state-of-the-art Digital Tech Hub.

Australians living in regional areas typically have lower levels of digital inclusion than those in metropolitan areas, scoring below the national average on access, affordability and digital ability.

The Nationals in Government understand that our regions have distinct digital needs and that those living in rural and remote Australia can face more barriers in finding the right solution for their communication needs. The Digital Hub will support regional Australians in building their digital capabilities and provide independent, factual information about the range of digital services and solutions available to them.

Mr Coulton said the hub was being developed in response to the 2018 Regional Telecommunications Review and that prospective applicants should focus on putting the needs of regional Australians first.

“The Digital Tech Hub will help regional Australians get the most out of their phones and internet,” Mr Coulton said.

“It will provide regional consumers with a range of practical resources from how to trouble-shoot mobile phone and internet issues right up to how to escalate faults with a connected service, and helping users understand their consumer rights.”

Interested parties have until Monday, July 6 to submit applications to the competitive tender process.

The Digital Tech Hub is expected to be operational from late October 2020.