I’m a born and bred fighter for Murray and a proud Deniliquin local.

I was born in Deniliquin, grew up in Conargo, and attended school back in Deniliquin, going on to my first full time job in a local solicitor’s office as a legal secretary, before getting a law degree and opening my own conveyancing practice.

In 2017 I was elected to the Edward River Council, and voted in as Mayor in 2022.

I already represent my local area in council chambers, and now, I want to represent everyone across our part of the state in Parliament.

I’m ready to be your member for Murray.

We need a local member that’s going to stand up for our values and our region; a local member that’s going to show up in the good times and the bad; a local member that’s going to put regional people first.

Let’s work together to combine ideas, values, wants and needs, so we can fix the issues and problems we each face every day.

As I move across our region, I look forward to hearing what matters most to you – the people that make our community. To get in touch please email me at or contact me through the form below.

With your support I will keep putting regional people first, and continue to make real change for you and our community.

Contribute to the campaign and help me put regional people first

Come onboard Team Betts

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