I’m a business woman, a Tumut local, and now your NSW Nationals candidate for the WAGGA WAGGA electorate.

Having grown up in Tumut I can see how my opinions, passions and beliefs have been shaped by the people and culture of our region.

I attended high school in Tumut where I then opened a local business upon graduating. Being a young business owner allowed me to engage my community firsthand and build relationships that cultivated my passion for community engagement.

Through diligent hard work and a passion for helping people, I have now been working in regional health for over 10 years and am extremely proud to Co- CEO HealthKlinix Australia.

Finally, being elected by my community to the role of councilor emboldened my resolve to push for better for the people of our community and has inspired me to strive for more to benefit not only our people but generations to come. To ensure that regional people get the representation that they deserve.

I’m ready to be your member for WAGGA WAGGA.

I’ve chosen to run with the NSW Nationals because I believe in a fair go for the regions and that the WAGGA WAGGA electorate deserves a seat at the table.

As I move across our region, I look forward to hearing what matters most to you – the people that make our community. To get in touch please email me at or contact me through the form below.

With your support I will put regional people first, and continue to make real change for you and our community.

Contribute to the campaign and help me put regional people first

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