Save the ute

Australia’s favourite vehicles could soon be unaffordable under the Albanese Labor Government’s new carbon tax on Utes and Family Cars targeted at punishing working people to subsidise luxury cars.

It’s just another Labor Carbon Tax, but this time on cars.

These new rules are going to put further pressure on the budgets of families and working people during a cost-of-living crisis.

People are already struggling to make ends meet – under Labor’s new rules they are forcing workers, families, farmers, fishers and business owners to stretch their budget the extra mile.

These new fuel efficiency standards are being presented as a cost-of-living relief measure – in reality it is relief for millionaires in the city at the expense of working people in the regions and suburbs.

Under the changes some of Australia’s cars will increase in cost such as:

  • Ford Ranger +$6150

  • Toyota Hilux +$2690

  • Izuzu Ute D Max +$2000

  • Toyota Land Cruiser +$13250

With electric vehicles often costing tens of thousands of dollars more than your average vehicle, and not being fit for purpose for a large range of workplace and lifestyle requirements, it is critical that Anthony Albanese and his Labor Government do not punish working class Australians to subsidise wealthy people in the inner cities.

Sign the petition below to tell Albo and his Labor Government to save the ute.


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