Gunnedah farmer and Young National Edward Hoddle has made headlines this week with a zesty way of feeding his cattle.

With drought affecting most of the State, farmers are buying in feed for their livestock. But Edward has a slightly different way of keeping his cows happy. In addition to the herd, the Hoddles have 28,000 orange trees and each year they send about 1700 tonnes of fruit to be juiced. Now the juice company is sending back the peels, which would normally be disposed of, to feed the hungry beasts.

“We were searching for fodder and I knew cows had eaten oranges before in America… desperate times call for desperate measures,” Edward said. “This seemed too good to be true, we discussed using the skins for feed and they sent them back to us.”

About 30 tonnes of orange peel was delivered to the Gunnedah property this week and the cows are getting stuck into them. It’s welcome relief for the family as fodder becomes more scarce across the State.



“They’re munching away on them at the moment, it’s great for us to be able to hang on and the juice company is looking at sending skins to other farms in the district, I know skins have been sold to feedlots in the past.”

While the Nationals in Government continue to work towards way to provide drought relief, in addition to an extra $250 million package in the State Budget, it’s great to see grassroots members take the initiative and find ways to help themselves.

“It’s a good story out of the drought,” Edward said. “Responsibility shown to suppliers and the environmentally-sustainable angle is inspiring people to look for ways to reduce waste and help farmers out in a desperate time.”



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