One of Labor’s biggest supporters has come under fire for a vulgar social media attack launched on Father’s Day.

The young children of militant Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union boss John Setka were pictured on Twitter holding a sign that read “go get f—ked” along with a message targeting Australian Building and Construction Commission boss Stephen McBurney.

It comes just weeks after the Federal Court slammed the CFMEU as “disgraceful and shameful” and having a “repeated pattern of unrepentant, outlaw behaviour”.

Once again, it’s clear that there are no limits to what the Unions will do to bully and intimidate public officials.

This sort of thuggish behaviour is not what ordinary, decent Australians would accept in our society, but it is commonplace among those who support the union-bred, union-fed and union-led Labor Party.

This ugly incident is a clear reminder that there is a nasty, anti-social element lurking beneath the surface of militant Labor supporters.