Reports in the national media of Union heavyweights attempting to bully the Labor Party into carrying out their agenda should concern all Australians.

This week Bill Shorten made a secret speech to the ACTU, releasing only a transcript to media about what went on behind closed doors. Today, The Daily Telegraph has revealed Union bosses want Bill to bring back the boats. And this is only days after Labor decided on a policy of sweeping changes to labour-hire, which could put our fruit-growing and seasonal agricultural regions under increased pressure. Leave it to Labor to find another way to damage our food bowl after the Nationals fought to stop the backpacker tax.

During the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era, hundreds of people drowned as an armada of boats came to our shores, filled with people who had the means to pay their way and jump the queue.

This left Australian resources tied up while legitimate refugees were left in line. If the Unions get their way, we’ll go back to the bad old days of drownings at sea while endless strikes cripple our economy.

The reality is that Labor can’t be trusted with our future.

They are held hostage by the Unions and their Faceless Men, the very ones who wreaked havoc upon the country during Bill Shorten’s rise to power. We deserve better than power-hungry thugs who would risk the lives of thousands of asylum seekers for their own gain.