NSW Tourism Minister and Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall has thrown his support behind local plans for Lake Inverell.

Mr Marshall said Inverell Shire Council had developed a major upgrade project worth almost $882,000 to improve existing ageing facilities at the lake. The bold new plans to upgrade and enhance Lake Inverell will also help capitalise on growing tourism opportunities.

Mr Marshall recently toured the lake area with Deputy Mayor Anthony Michael and supported council’s plan to transform Lake Inverell into a must-see reserve for locals and visitors to get active on and off the water.

“Lake Inverell is loved by locals and is a peaceful picturesque area used by nearly two-thirds of Inverell residents,” Mr Marshall said. “What was once the old water supply for the town is now a family recreation area. Council is proposing upgrades that will retain the pristine environmental aspect Lake Inverell, but bring much needed new access and amenities to the reserve.”

Mr Marshall said he would be throwing his weight behind Council’s funding application to the State Government for $881,606 to get the works underway.

“Shoreline access is limited and unsafe for many people with no launching facility for small watercraft at the lake,” he said. “There is also no dedicated ramp or vehicle access to the site or onto the lake which is a safety concern – groups such as the SES and Police have no real way of getting out onto the water should there be an accident. The walking tracks around Lake Inverell are also aged – in many parts they are overgrown and narrow. They are certainly not wide enough for two people to comfortably pass each other and are simply inadequate to handle prams and wheelchairs. The planned upgrades will create widened paths that are able to be enjoyed by families, bushwalkers, the elderly and the disabled alike.”

Mr Marshall said the importance of the Lake Inverell project to locals was immense and he congratulated Inverell Shire Council for developing a plan that struck a balance between preserving Lake Inverell’s natural beauty and updating the reserve to make it even more welcoming and accessible for Inverell residents and tourists.

“Part of the upgrades also includes plans for a viewing deck that will allow better views of both the lake aspect and the old dam wall,” he said. “The family-friendly vibe will also be enhanced with new seating, informative signage highlighting the natural features and wildlife, and other recreation must-haves such as bubblers and soft fall for children.”