Why does Tasmania need The Nationals?

The Nationals is the only political party dedicated to advancing the interests of regional Australia and those who make their lives and business in regional Australian communities.

The Nationals provide a strong voice on these issues in the Federal Parliament. Working together as a strong and united team means our MPs and Senators have developed a reputation for punching above their weight, and are sometimes criticised for delivering more for the people they represent than the party’s critics would prefer.

The increasing economic, social and environmental relevance of the regions has only strengthened our belief that the future of regional Australia is critical to the future of the nation.

The Nationals ensure regional Australia’s voice is heard.

Join the Tasmanian Nationals

Be part of the team that puts regional Tasmania first.

What do we stand for?

The Nationals’ core values are a belief in:

  • Strong representation of our local communities and the delivery of positive outcomes on the issues that affect their lives and lifestyles;
  • Security for our communities and their families, through the preservation of decent health, safety, social and economic welfare standards;
  • Individual achievement, the importance of free choice and a fair go, reward for private enterprise and the need for equity investment and wealth generation.

The Nationals are local champions who join to form a national team, to deliver for their communities, regional Australia and the nation.

Our role is to unlock regional Australia’s potential.

The Nationals’ Policy Priorities

With a strong track record of delivering infrastructure and promoting job creation and investment, The Nationals has an active interest in:

  • Regional health, education and transport
  • Land and water management
  • Small business and tourism
  • Food security and agriculture
  • Regional development and communications

The Nationals’ commitment to the national interest does not stop there. The Nationals provide a considered and commonsense perspective on all elements of Government policy. Our policy platform and our approach to day-to-day political issues are built on a triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental considerations.

We want to deliver security, opportunity and prosperity for all regional Australians.

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