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About Stephen

Nationals Candidate for Whitlam Stephen Wentworth is an agribusiness consultant based in Bowral. He grew up in the region and is passionate about making sure locals get their fair share.

 “I love our region, that’s why my wife and I are raising our children here,” Stephen said. “I have a lot of ideas about how to make this an even better place to live, and I look forward to sharing them with people as I travel around the electorate over the next few weeks.”

 Among Stephen’s priorities for Whitlam are a better go for farmers, an upgrade of the Illawarra Highway, and eradicating mobile phone blackspots.

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We’re not a Party of big business or trade unions. Stephen and the Nationals are ordinary people, working hard for our local communities.

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“It’s easy for us to be ignored by the cities, but where there’s a strong Nationals voice things get done,” Stephen said. “We’ve needed a bypass at Moss Vale for years, and I’m determined to get it done. We’ve had mobile phone blackspots for years, but I’m determined to work with the State and Federal Governments to get them fixed. And our farmers deserve to know that their businesses and homes are safe and secure, not at risk from vegan activists.”

 Stephen is also critical of Labor’s plan to hike up taxes for more than 7000 retirees in the electorate, calling it a grubby cash grab.


“A Shorten Labor Government would be the highest taxing government in the nation’s history, and we know that when Labor runs out of money they come after yours,” he said. “Australians work hard for their money, and they should be allowed to spend it the way they want.”

Stephen’s priorities

Stephen’s priorities for Whitlam include:

  1. Investing in the local economy to reduce the need to
    travel to Sydney for work;
  2. Assist companies to relocate from Sydney to our region;
  3. Protecting you against reduced property values and rent
    increases from Labor’s housing tax;
  4. Upgrading the Illawarra Highway;
  5. Building the Moss Vale bypass and upgrading the Moss
    Vale–Unanderra Railway; and
  6. Increasing funding to all 45 public schools in Whitlam by
    52 per cent per student over the next decade.


Stephen truly understands our region and will fight to make sure our voice is heard.

Contact Stephen

330 Argyle Street, Moss Vale NSW 2577

ph: 1800 931 264