NSW Nationals Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead is encouraging the community to take advantage of the NSW Government’s 2019 Grandparents Day celebrations to show our grandparents and seniors how valuable they are to the community.

Grandparents Day falls on Sunday, October 27 this year and includes a statewide awards program, photo competition and grants program for local events in celebration of the day.

Members of the community can now nominate an extraordinary individual they know for the 2019 NSW Grandparent of the Year Awards.

“Grandparents, grand-friends and kin do so much for our community and enrich the lives of others,” Mr Bromhead said. “I would urge everyone to nominate a deserving individual they know for the 2019 NSW Grandparent of the Year Awards.”

Community organisations and small businesses can also apply for a share of $200,000 to host events that celebrate grandparents and grand-friends.

The program will allow an array of events, where all generations can come together, to take place across NSW.

Entries for the Grandparents Day Photography Competition have opened to the public. The competition aims to foster relationships between younger and older generations by capturing their special moments together.

“Grandparents give so much back. They support our families, make our communities stronger and provide invaluable knowledge to others,” Seniors Minister John Sidoti said. “I am looking forward to spending time with my family this Grandparents Day and am thrilled there are so many ways people can celebrate. I encourage all members of the public and businesses to take part.”

For more information about the events grants program, to submit a nomination for the Grandparent of the Year Awards or to enter the Photography Competition, please visit: www.grandparentsday.nsw.gov.au.