Allegations regarding the infiltration of the NSW Young Nationals by “alt-right” and/or “far-right” persons or groups is of the upmost concern to the NSW Nationals and an urgent investigation is to be carried out by the Party’s Constitution & Ethics Committee.

As a result of this information, we have temporarily suspended processing new memberships in the Young Nationals. This decision was made in consultation with the State Chairman of the NSW Nationals and Chairman of NSW Young Nationals.

The National Party rejects all forms of racism and hatred. Neither have any place within the NSW Nationals and our Party will not become a battleground for forces that have no history, allegiance or understanding of our Party.

We are and always have been a Party representing the people of rural and regional areas. The rise of splinter groups that threaten to undermine our democracy are taken very seriously by the NSW Nationals and we declare that such radical ideologies have no place within our Party.

We are seeking additional information from media and other sources to assist the investigation and we will act swiftly if any member is found to belong to these extremist groups.