Hon Niall Blair MLC

Deputy Leader of the NSW Nationals


Minister for Primary Industries
Minister for Regional Water
Minister for Trade and Industry
Leader of the Nationals in the Legislative Council


Member of the NSW Legislative Council

Niall is currently serving the NSW Government as Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Regional Water and Minister for Trade and Industry.

Niall is a former Party Chairman and one of the younger Members of the Legislative Council. Originally from Goulburn, he lives in the Southern Highlands with his family. Prior to entering politics he was a horticulturalist and work safety consultant.

As a young father he’s deeply concerned with the struggle young families face with rising costs of living.

Niall is a graduate from Hawkesbury Agricultural College with a Bachelor of Horticultural Science, and after completing a Masters in Occupational Health and Safety, Niall worked as a technical training manager for Integral Energy Australia. No stranger to responsibility, his role included looking after 180 staff and managing a million-dollar budget.

In 2005 Niall and Melinda started their own safety consultancy company – Admire Workplace Safety.

Niall is a sports addict: He has completed six half ironman triathlons and enjoys working his horses.

Ministerial Office

Level 19
52 Martin Place
(GPO Box 5341)
SYDNEY   NSW   2000

Phone: 02 8574 7190
Fax: 02 9339 5560

Email: www.nsw.gov.au/ministerblair