Hon Melinda Pavey MP

Minister for Water, Property and Housing

Member for Oxley

Melinda Pavey grew up on a dairy farm and spent more than a decade working for the people of regional NSW in the Legislative Council before moving into the Lower House in 2015. A dedicated advocate of rural and regional constituents, she has dedicated herself to improving the lives of regional and rural constituents.

Before entering parliament, Melinda owned and operated successful small businesses, worked as a reporter in radio and television, and was an advisor to Deputy Premiers Wal Murray and Ian Armstrong when the Nationals were last in Government.

As the mother of two children, Melinda is keenly focused on the issues that matter to families across the state.

Melinda’s catchcry is “let’s get it done together”, and it’s this positive attitude that has seen her secure massive investments in rebuilding roads, upgrading schools and partnering with the community on local projects.

Her focus for the campaign is continuing to build the sort of region everyone wants to live in; one where children will get a great  education, where people can get a great job, and where families can live a great lifestyle.

“There’s nothing I love more than travelling around our region and meeting the people that make our communities strong,” Melinda said. “Because it’s the people that I fight for and deliver for you every day in Government. I fight for your jobs, for our children’s future, and for the things that matter to our communities. And it’s The Nationals who want to ensure there are a lot of opportunities ahead.”

Melinda was Parliamentary Secretary for Regional and Rural Health before becoming Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight. She is now Minister for Water, Property and Housing. 

Ministerial Office

52 Martin Place
(GPO Box 5341)
Sydney, NSW 2001

Phone: 02 8574 7300
Fax: 02 9339 5570

Electorate Office

37 Elbow Street
(PO Box 3120)

Phone: 02 6562 6190
Fax: 02 6563 1355

Email: oxley@parliament.nsw.gov.au