Sophie Wade


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About Sophie

A small-business owner, road safety campaigner and mother of three, Sophie is ready to take the fight for southern NSW.

Over the past six years Sophie founded and led the Barton Highway Community Action Group – campaigning for funding and negotiating with ministers to get a real solution for a very real problem.

After her husband was almost caught up in a fatal accident, Sophie said “enough is enough” and founded the Barton Highway Community Action Group.

Over the past six years, Sophie has campaigned for funding and negotiated with ministers to get real solutions for the problem as part of the Action Group. 

“The people of Eden-Monaro need someone who’ll fight for them and make sure we get our fair share.”

Responsive, persistent and willing to hold power accountable, Sophie will be a fearless advocate for our communities.

Having lived in the Yass Valley for more than a decade, Sophie knows the issues facing our families and businesses and has the vision to provide more opportunities for success. 

“It’s time for investment and a fair go for our communities,” she said. “And I’m determined to make it happen.”

Since being preselected, Sophie hasn’t missed a moment to get out and meet everyone across the electorate – heading to shows and knocking on doors to meet with mums and dads, farmers, small business owners and our next generation of leaders. 

“We need a balanced perspective, not political correctness gone mad [and] a battle of extremes that are disconnected from the people. Country communities want fair, practical solutions.”

Contact Sophie

PO Box 331, Yass NSW 2582

ph: 0457 059 573