The Nationals in Government will recruit an additional 4600 teachers.

The Nationals in Government will deliver 4600 new teachers across NSW, and the NSW Nationals will fight to ensure we get our fair share recruited into regional and rural NSW. This multi-billion dollar investment will lift the number of teachers in public schools to the highest in the State’s history.

As the first State in the nation to sign up to the landmark Gonski agreement, the NSW Government recently announced billions of dollars’ worth of more investment into building new schools, upgrading existing schools and wiping the slate clean on the school maintenance backlog.

Having laid the bricks and mortar, and built shiny new school halls and classrooms, the Nationals in Government are ready to fill our schools with the best and brightest teachers, ready to shape the lives of the next generation.

Teachers are at the heart of our communities, and our children spend a huge part of some of the most critical years of their lives learning from them, improving their lives and the lives of their friends. With the NSW Nationals delivering more teachers, our children will take advantage of the increased time these teachers will be able to spend with each and every student.

We have established the highest entry requirements for teachers and require our teachers in public schools to meet the most rigorous standards.

We have also implemented the most robust professional development program of any other State and Territory to ensure our teachers remain the best.

With the most effective professional development, the NSW Nationals are delivering the quality and quantity of teachers to make a powerful impact on the youngest lives in our regions.

With these new teachers, our children will be supported to get the most from their education, contrasted to Labor’s record of closing schools, sacking teachers and letting our schools fall into disrepair.

We’ve built the schools, now it’s your time to get more teachers.

The Nationals in Government will:

• Invest $2 billion to deliver an additional 4600 teachers to join the ranks of the NSW public school system
• Bring the total number of new full-time teacher positions to almost 11,000 teachers since we came to Government
• Staff the 170-plus new and upgraded schools being delivered as part of the Government’s $6 billion school infrastructure program, the largest investment in public school infrastructure by any State government in Australian history
• Continue to invest an extra $712 million into NSW public schools to complement the Commonwealth’s $1.2 billion Fund – becoming the only State in the nation to provide this extra funding to public schools