Mackenna Powell

Candidate for Wagga Wagga


Authorised by M Powell, 185 Baylis St, Wagga Wagga

Mackenna is a true daughter of the Riverina. 

Born and raised here, Mackenna chose to also bring up her two daughters in the region to ensure they are raised in a strong community with country values.

Mackenna is an accountant and rural insurance consultant who has always been willing to put in the hard yards to make sure our community benefits.

Focused on common sense solutions to our everyday problems, Mackenna wants to make sure Wagga and the Riverina continue to grow.

Mackenna is focused on finding solutions on lowering the cost of living so our communities and families can continue to thrive. 

From her time working with the agricultural industry, Mackenna understands that drought doesn’t just affect farmers and that assistance must also be provided for all contractors and small businesses that operate in the industry.

Wagga’s a big centre, but we need to remember the smaller towns that support the city. Mackenna puts our rural communities on an even playing field to our larger centres with upgrading our country roads, mobile blackspots and the Tumut Hospital a top priority.

Mackenna wants to make sure our region gets more police on the ground and increased services to help combat the illegal drug epidemic.

Preventative measures such as increased mental services and support for our young people are also top of Mackenna’s priorities.