We’ve seen a lot of sense and nonsense in the media of late as the drought continues to hurt people right across the regions.

There are those calling for an end to drought assistance from their ivory towers in Sydney, while others are painting it as the worst natural disaster since the end of the dinosaurs.

We’re proud to be from the regions and for the regions, and we’ve been hearing a lot of stories both good and bad coming out of this drought. For our part, the Nationals in both the State and Federal Governments are fighting to release funding to help farmers, families, businesses and communities get through this drought, while also putting in place programs that will put people into a better position to deal with the next drought.

But this great work is in stark contrast to what’s happening across our borders, in Queensland and the ACT, where Labor Governments have shown their disinterest in helping those who rely on the land for a living.

One of the good guys in the media who’s actually gone out to the regions to see what’s going on is veteran broadcaster Alan Jones, who recently highlighted the case of Dan McDonald, a farmer north-west of Charleville fined more than $112,000 for feeding his cattle mulga. Dan told Alan he was being prosecuted for “carrying out development without a permit”. This bloke is between a rock and a hard place. The price of feed is skyrocketing, there’s a lack of rain and now he’s being slugged by a Labor Government for trying to do the right thing by his animals. And you can rest assured that if he didn’t “illegally” feed his cattle mulga, Labor’s mates in the Greens and GetUp! would call Dan out for neglecting his livestock.

Labor just doesn’t get it when it comes to the realities of life outside of the big cities. Every day the Nationals are talking to people on the land, in the regions, who rely on agriculture in some form to support their towns and their communities. We’re taking on board their suggestions and views, making sure that any common-sense relief can be put into place as quickly as possible.

As for Labor? When they’re not out being “townies” playing at farming, they’re playing politics with the livelihoods of our communities. You only need to look at Queensland to see how disastrous this drought truly could have been for all of us if Luke Foley and his mates were in Government.