More NSW Nationals branches are reforming across the State as grassroots members spread the message of our good work.

The small community of Boggabri – halfway between Narrabri and Gunnedah in the State’s north – is getting ready to celebrate the rebirth of their local branch.

Local organiser Pat Murphy said an inaugural meeting for the newly-reformed branch would be held on Friday, October 5 at The Vault in Boggabri from 6pm, with a dinner afterwards.

“It’s really exciting,” Mr Murphy said. “We’ve got a broad range of people on board, from teachers to nurses, mine workers, farmers and business owners. It reminds me of a poem:

“A peaceful spot is Boggabri, The folk that live around; Keep themselves by keeping sheep and turning up the ground; But the climate is erratic and the consequences are; that the battle with the elements are everlasting war; They plough and sow and Harrow then sit down and pray for rain, Then they all get flooded out and have to start again, But the folk are all rejoicing as they’ve never rejoiced before; Cause the Boggy branch of the Nats are reforming, come one, come all.”

Please RSVP for dinner to Pat Murphy on 0488 762 708.