Working for a safer & stronger Monaro

Hi, I’m Nichole Overall, your local member for Monaro

My family’s been in Queanbeyan for more than 30 years, with my passion for our region continuing to grow every day.

Through my involvement with local charities, education bodies, and mental health services, as well as sport, I have had a strong focus on the wider Monaro region.

This experience and the connections I have made have contributed to my growing desire to be more involved in making a difference for those of us living here. For our region.

Now more than ever I want to represent and fight for our communities.

“I believe in supporting locals – local jobs, local families, and local businesses – and continuing the work of  unlocking every opportunity for Monaro to succeed.”

“I am honoured to be part of the team that will make sure jobs are protected and families are kept safe.”

As a journalist and historian, I have learned to have honest conversations with people and seek out the truth, as your member I will continue to do just that, ensuring that Monaro’s needs are fought for in the NSW parliament.

“Strong local industries mean people continue to have secure jobs. The Nationals have a history of fighting for local issues, and I intend to continue that legacy.”

The NSW Nationals are building a safer and stronger regional NSW and we are the only Party that can represent the diverse needs of the communities within the Monaro.

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