NSW Nationals Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement that roll-over protection will be mandatory on all new quad bikes within 24 months.

Mr Anderson said there had been a terrible toll on regional communities by the death of 230 people since 2001 killed on quad bikes.

“It is so important we look at roll over protection, as about 60 per cent of all quad bike accidents are caused by roll-over,” Mr Anderson said.

“Quad bikes are the leading cause of fatalities in Australia that are caused by unregulated products and there have been advertising campaigns aimed at reducing death and injury on quad bikes.

“This loss has a huge impact on our rural and regional communities.

“Despite the obvious risks associated with quad bikes many people are still not getting the message about the dangers.”

“Right now, the power is in your hands to prevent further tragedy as a result of a quad bike accident.”

Deceptively simple

The most common misconception with quad bikes is that they are a safe and secure vehicle due to their solid appearance, but it is this false sense of security that results in people becoming complacent with quad bikes.

SafeWork NSW has made rollover bar and safety helmet rebates and free quad bike training days available in order to reduce the risk of death and injury.

“I urge farmers and their families to take advantage of these offers,” Mr Anderson said.

“These are powerful machines. These are not toys, they are not hobbies and they should be treated with the greatest caution.”

For further information on quad bike safety, visit www.safework.nsw.gov.au or call 13 10 50.

Fast facts

As well as mandatory roll
bars, quad bikes must:

  • Have a warning label alerting riders to the risk of roll over
  • Meet US or European standards for components such as brakes, suspension, throttle and clutch
  • Display stability test results on a hang tag attached to the bike at point of sale
  • Within 24 months, all new general use model (utility) quad bikes must be fitted with a roll bar, or have it integrated into the design
  • Meet minimum stability requirements