Enabling young people to access skills and training for work, to earn a salary sooner.

Providing the opportunities our young people deserve is the most important thing the Nationals in Government can do. There is a record level of investment happening in Regional NSW, with the Nationals in Government building the schools, roads and hospitals to deliver excellent services to our towns and cities.

With such massive levels of investment, there is enormous demand on our vocationally qualified workforce, not just for construction workers on Snowy Hydro 2.0, but also for practitioners to rollout the NDIS, to early childhood educators, to cybersecurity workers.The transition from school to work is a challenge for all young people.

The Nationals in Government will make it easier for these students to study a trade at the same time they are completing their HSC at specialised Vocational Schools.

The North Coast will be home to one of the pilot locations of the first of these exciting Vocational Schools. Existing schools will be invited to take part in participating in the program, being upgraded to accommodate the renewed focus on vocational training.

This will make it easier for students to study vocational related subjects as part of their Higher School Certificate and to undertake apprenticeships while they study, all while remaining part of their school community.

The Nationals in Government will invest $30 million into two new Vocational Schools to be established at existing schools, which will offer a broader range of vocation-based subjects and specialised training for students.

In addition, the schools will collaborate and work closely with industry and business to provide students with extensive practical experience and provide the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship while completing their studies.

The Nationals in Government are committed to providing quality educational opportunities and outcomes for students across NSW, whether they plan on going to university or learning a trade.

It is time for all students to have a better choice and greater opportunity to follow their passion.

The Nationals in Government will:

• Pilot two new Vocational Schools, one slated for the North Coast.
• Equip these Vocational Schools to provide specialised training opportunities for students and more apprenticeships, including resources and facilities for improved employment outcomes.
• Give students with an interest in learning a trade greater choice and the opportunity to gain vocational qualifications while studying their HSC.
• Ensure all students receive a world-class education and the skills and expertise to succeed in the 21st Century.