The Nationals in Government are working to remove even more mobile phone black spots in rural and regional areas.

We are committed to ensuring our people outside of the major cities can access 21st century communications, improving lives and providing a crucial safety net in emergencies.

Regional Services Minister and Deputy Nationals Leader Senator Bridget McKenzie called for mobile black spot nominations from Local, Territory and State Governments as well as Federal Members of Parliament, to identify locations for the next round of the $220 million Mobile Black Spot Program.

“We’re taking a targeted approach this time around to deliver a clear economic benefit.,” Senator McKenzie said. “Through the program we have encouraged much-needed investment by mobile operators in regional Australia. This has brought real benefits and connectivity to thousands of households and businesses across the nation. The program is changing lives for so many regional and remote communities across Australia.”

The program has been highly successful with more than 600 of the total 867 base stations already delivered across the country under the first three rounds of the program. More than $680 million has been generated in co-investment from State and Local Governments, carriers, businesses and local communities.

Under six years of Labor not one regional phone tower was delivered, but The Nationals are working hard to ensure people in regional and rural areas get their fair share.

The locations that are currently in the database can be viewed on the National Map by selecting the Mobile Black Spot Database dataset within the Communications tab on the left hand navigation menu.