Jamie Chaffey, Paul Cocking, Senator John ‘Wacka’ Williams, Perin Davey and Sam Farraway.

The NSW Nationals have preselected their Senate candidates for the upcoming Federal Election. The Party has formally endorsed four candidates: Perin Davey, Sam Farraway, Jamie Chaffey and Paul Cocking.

Lead Senate Candidate Perin Davey is a water policy specialist from Conargo and has worked with the irrigation industry.

“It’s overwhelming and humbling to be chosen from among eight great candidates,” Ms Davey said. “I have an absolute passion for supporting agriculture including irrigation, we need smart policies, not reactionary ones. We’ve shown today we are a strong Party that is united and we’re in a very healthy position to go to the Federal Election.”

Bathurst small business owner Sam Farraway has a long history working with the community in business and volunteer work, including 10 years as President of the Royal Bathurst Show Society and young entrepreneur of the year.

“I’m very honoured to be chosen for this position and I think The Nationals have put forward a very strong field for the next election,” Mr Farraway said. “The caliber of people who put their names forward is a sign of how strong and healthy our Party is.”

Gunnedah Mayor Jamie Chaffey said he was very proud to be chosen by The Nationals and Wagga Wagga farmer Paul Cocking said he was honoured to be selected.

NSW Nationals Chairman Bede Burke congratulated Ms Davey and her fellow candidates, who had proven they were ready to champion the cause of rural and regional communities in Parliament.

“There are plenty of people who’ll stand up for the cities, but only The Nationals have the proven track record of standing up for our people in the country,” Mr Burke said. “I congratulate Perin, Sam, Jamie and Paul on their preselection, and wish them all the success in the upcoming election; I am confident they will do the NSW Nationals proud as we continue the fight on behalf of regional communities.”

Mr Burke also thanked retiring Senator John ‘Wacka’ Wiliiams for his years of service to the Party and the people of NSW.

“Wacka has been a great voice for rural and regional NSW and I’m sure he’ll be missed in Parliament,” Mr Burke said. “As a former farmer and small businessman, the Senator knows firsthand the challenges faced by people in our communities and he was vital in establishing the Banking Royal Commission, proving that we’re for the people first and foremost. We wish him all the very best for the future.”

Senator Williams congratulated the candidates and all those who stood for preselection, saying it was a great sign of the grassroots democracy at the heart of the Party.

“This may be the end of my era and I’ve enjoyed my time in the Senate, but The Nationals are clearly in good hands as we enter this new era,” Senator Williams said. “I wish our new candidates all the best as they take up the torch and fight for our fair share.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Nationals Leader Michael McCormack said it was great to see such a strong team put forward to represent The Nationals.

“Firstly I want to recognise the hard work and dedication of Wacka, he’s been a great champion for regional people in the Senate,” Mr McCormack said. “To see people like Perin Davey, Sam Farraway, Jamie Chaffey and Paul Cocking put forward for the Senate is a great sign that The Nationals are a strong, dedicated Party that will continue to work hard for rural and regional NSW and Australia.”

The Party chose to select four candidates for the Senate as the Coalition agreement has not been finalised.

The vote took place at a meeting of the NSW Nationals Central Council, the Party’s governing body, on Friday, September 7, 2018.