The Nationals have shown, once again, that we are committed to delivering for our people in rural and regional Australia.

We passed a motion at Federal Council calling for two new visas that would enable our communities to get the workers they need, particularly in seasonal farm work.

Our farmers are under pressure from imported produce and retailers that want to continually slash costs. At the same time, rural and regional Australia is suffering a population decline and ageing workforce, with young people choosing to live in the big cities instead of the country.

We know it’s important to make sure our farmers can get workers to pick the fruit and vegetables that end up on Australian tables, and it’s also important that small businesses can get the skilled workers they need to help our regions grow.

Our approach is two-fold: Provide the workers needed today, while providing education and training opportunities for our young people so they can be the workers of tomorrow. By putting arrangements in place to allow foreign workers to plug the skills gaps where they’re needed, The Nationals are helping rural and regional Australia get things done without adding to the big city congestion that puts an ever-increasing burden on infrastructure.

Australia truly is the lucky country and for generations we’ve been blessed with hard-working people coming from all over the world to contribute to our great nation. By being strategic with the way we handle working visas, we can build the wealth and prosperity of our regions by ensuring that the people who are willing to have a go can find work.

The Nationals can see a bright future for regional Australia, and we’re the only Party with the experience to make it a reality. Please join with us in advocating for that vision for a better tomorrow.