Students, staff and families at Tamworth Public School will see their future classrooms for the first time today, with new images of the proposed works released by NSW Nationals Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson.

Mr Anderson said the multi-million dollar upgrade, scheduled for completion in mid-2020, will deliver seven new classrooms, a new hall, a staff room and a new arts and crafts area.

“This will help the school continue to provide an exceptional education to its students and is the largest investment into public school infrastructure by any state government in Australian history,” Mr Anderson said. “Our children are our future and I want to continue to fight for the best outcomes I can get to ensure they have an education that will serve them for the rest of their life. The upgrade will also allow demountable classrooms to be removed, freeing up valuable open space on the site for students to enjoy.”

“It is very exciting to see the concept designs finalised for the upgrade of Tamworth Public School.”

Building stronger regions involves investing in our schools and providing the best for teachers and students. The Nationals in Government are committed to providing school environments that inspire our students every day and the new-look Tamworth Public School will do just that.

“I am always working hard to provide high-quality education facilities for students and their communities now and into the future,” Mr Anderson said. “In August I announced that 30 schools in the electorate would have air-conditioning installed in classrooms and libraries as part of a $500 million program. In May, I was able to inspect $985,000 of renewal program work at Peel High School while over the last summer holiday period, more than $1.4 million was spent on maintenance for 19 schools across the electorate. We want our students and teachers to have access to great facilities, which is why we continue to roll out record spending on school investment and maintenance.”