Labor is considering cutting working holiday visas, in a move that would cripple our farms.

The union-backed plan means temporary workers like backpackers would be driven away from regional Australia, leaving farmers to pick their own fruit by themselves.

Federal Nationals Agriculture Minister David Littleproud savaged the plan to cut working holiday visas from two years to one whilst Australian farmers battle a farm labour shortage.

“There aren’t enough willing workers to pick our farmer’s fruit and vegetables – but Labor’s unions want to effectively halve the number of backpacker workers available,” Mr Littleproud said. “If this plan become reality then our fruit and vegetables won’t get to the city supermarkets – they’ll rot in the fields with nobody to pick them. I’ve heard a lot of stupid things in the two years I’ve been in politics but stopping fresh produce from getting to the people tops the list. Don’t these people realise we rely on backpackers to pick fruit and vegetables in Australia?”

“This shows how removed Labor is from real life. Any Labor person found outside a city is lost – give them directions.”

David Littleproud

“We are moving to get more workers for farmers, not less. We’re extending backpacker visas from two to three years, not cutting them to one,” Mr Littleproud said. “Just yesterday I met a young German man who’d been to Mildura picking fruit and loved it. He would love to get another year in Australia and said he’d happily pick our fruit. He had great enthusiasm and work ethic and yet Labor want to stop this guy picking our fruit while the fruit rots on the vine due to a lack of wiling workers.”

The Nationals oppose this destructive plan and any moves from the union-fed, union-bred and union-led Labor party to hurt our farmers and rural communities.