The Labor Party is planning to scrap school report cards as it extends its softly-softly approach on important issues to our schools.

Labor education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek has endorsed the contentious push to confine report cards to the history books, preferring instead an ill-defined “progress” update for parents instead of time-tested report cards.

This means parents will no longer know if their children are struggling with maths or spelling, instead being notified as to whether they are “resilient” or “creative”.

These endorsements from the Labor Party prove just how out-of-touch they are with families across the state.

The NSW Nationals understand that parenting in this day and age is difficult, and that families want definitive, structural feedback when it comes to their child’s education.

While the Labor Party continues to politicise the education the Nationals will continue to do what’s right and ensure that every child – no matter where they’re from – have the best possible start to their lives.