Revelations in the media make it clear that Labor and left-wing activists are willing to make families suffer to further their environmental agenda.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Labor State Governments have said they would oppose the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) unless strict emissions reduction targets were set, as pressure from green activists mounts.

Despite a wealth of evidence, modelling and reports that showed the NEG would drive down power prices, reduce emissions and increase investment in renewable energy, activist groups like GetUp! and Greenpeace have raised more than $170,000 to run TV ads in Victoria and Queensland to put pressure on state energy ministers.

According to The Australian, “Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews had all but declared the proposed national energy guarantee dead” and “Queensland Labor sources said the (Annastacia) Palaszczuk Government would also oppose the NEG in its present form”.

This is the latest case where Labor has been shown to be in the pocket of activist groups, putting minor interests ahead of what’s good for the community.

The NSW Nationals will continue to advocate for cheaper, more reliable and cleaner power, without compromising household budgets or putting businesses at risk.

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