Invite Her To Run

Mar 9, 2018

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day was “Push to Progress” so it seems fitting that it was also the day Leader of the NSW Nationals John Barilaro launched our Party’s “Invite Her To Run” initiative.

The initiative calls on the community to nominate female leaders or potential leaders who they think would make great candidates for public office as we aim to reach the voluntary target – not quota – of 50:50 gender parity by 2025.

Our party a proud history of firsts, including being the first major political party to elect a female Federal President and appoint women to the State and Federal director positions, and now we’re looking to take that success to the next level with the ‘Invite Her To Run’ initiative.

The initiative aims to help us meet the 50:50 target set at the Party’s 2016 Conference and runs alongside the ‘Male Champions of Change’ program and a mentoring program for young women in the party

John noted that with both State and Federal elections set to take place in 2019, there is no better time to encourage women to join the Party and consider running as a Nationals candidate.

“Take a moment to think about a female leader in your community. Are they your local Mayor or CWA president? School principal? Small business owner? Or champion of a local community initiative?” John said.

“If you know a great woman who does great things in her community, we want to know about her, so please nominate her, or start a conversation with her about the possibility of becoming a candidate.

“Great political leaders are first and foremost great local people, with a strong connection to their community.

“Male or female, a good candidate for The Nationals should be a leader who is engaged and passionate about local issues facing the wider community in regional NSW,” John said.

The NSW Nationals pride themselves on being a grassroots party, and have parliamentarians from all walks of life including farmers, small business owners, nurses, police officers, local government representatives and community leaders.

Chair of the NSW Nationals Women’s Council Claire Taylor said that support for female candidates ran deep in the party.

“We have many excellent women at every level in the Party, who are role models for aspiring Members of Parliament, and who generously give their time to mentoring future female leaders,” Claire said.

“Our male parliamentarians are also committed to the ‘male champions of change’ model as well as guiding and supporting future female leaders.

“As Minister for Early Childhood Education and Aboriginal Affairs, Sarah Mitchell is based in Gunnedah and is raising two young girls – having recently taken maternity leave to have her second child. She is proof that with the right support, you can balance a political career and family life,” Claire said.

Nominees from the initiative will receive guidance on the party’s processes or mentoring to ensure they can further themselves in the Party.

For more information or to nominate a female leader, go to the “Invite Her To Run” website at