The Greens have just proven that they know nothing about farming, declaring farmers should be forced to provide shade for their livestock.

Sue Higginson, the Greens candidate for Lismore, announced a plan to make it mandatory for livestock to have access to shade alongside the party animal welfare spokeswoman Cate Faehrmann. They want to force farmers to put in “shade structures”, and plant and fence off shade trees.

“The reality is that under the current rules farms animals across NSW are currently in paddocks with little to no shade and this is compromising their welfare,” Ms Faehrmann said.

What the Greens don’t understand is that our farmers have been planting trees and providing shade for livestock for decades; some have already gone without showers to make sure their animals are watered. Farmers often put their animals’ welfare ahead of their own because they understand the need to take care of them.

In reality, the Greens want to make less and less of our farmland usable, and this is their latest attempt to attack primary producers. The $5000 they pledged to “help” farmers meet their proposal wouldn’t come close to covering the real cost of the policy, which would exert further pressure eon an industry already struggling through the drought.

This thought bubble from Lidcombe, announced in Lismore, is the sort of absurdity we’ve come to expect from the Greens. Next they’ll be demanding union meetings for cows and cruelty-free jumpers for shorn sheep. Every single farming policy from the Greens is designed to do one thing: Kill off farming.

The Greens cannot be trusted to come up with policies for farmers, but that’s exactly what they’ll do if a Labor/Greens government is elected.