The Bathurst SEC has set a great example of how to run a great fundraising event, and they reckon it’s really quite simple.

This week, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian visited the iconic regional city as a guest of local NSW Nationals MP Paul Toole for a fundraising dinner at the Goldfields Conference Centre.

The event raised more than $25,000 for the SEC, and Secretary and Treasurer Lachlan Sullivan said the results were thanks to hard work and great branch members.

“Sam Farraway and I sit down at the start of the year to set down all of the branch meeting dates, but instead of just having the ‘boring’ meetings we also have dinner meetings as fundraisers,” Mr Sullivan said.

“We don’t think we should just wait for Head Office to tell us to do something, we proactively get out there.”

While tools like emails and spreadsheets are still a bit new to some members, the basic idea behind the SEC’s success is simple: Engage your members, put in the proper planning, invite the broader community and look for ways to seize on opportunities.

“This dinner would normally be out State of the Nation dinner where we’d invite a State and Federal Minister from an area like health or agriculture, but Paul Toole asked if we could do this instead and we jumped at it,” Mr Sullivan said.

“It helps that we’ve got a really good State MP as well, but we try to engage all the sectors of our branches with different types of events at different prices, so we do a Christmas party for $35 per person but then we’ll do things like this one as well which was $100 a head.”

It’s “a bit old school”, Mr Sullivan said, but if you look after people they’ll look after you.

“It’s all only thanks to our members who are the ones who keep it going,” he said.

The tremendous effort from the Bathurst SEC saw almost $30,000 raised for the 2019 State election, and it was all because of the dedication and commitment of grassroots NSW Nationals members.

If you want help organising your next event, call Tori at Head Office on 02 9299 5811.