Police have started arresting Labor campaigners and staff as a criminal investigation intensifies.

Former campaigners and staffers are being questioned by the Fraud Squad in Victoria, after an Ombudsman’s report found $388,000 in taxpayer funds had been misused.

Prior to the 2014 Victorian State Election, campaigners were paid as electorate officers, with Ombudsman Deborah Glass later finding 21 past and present Labor MPs systematically misused public money during the party’s successful 2014 election campaign.

Police have announced they are also speaking to persons of interest in NSW and the Northern Territory as the investigation continues, while six Labor Cabinet Ministers – including the Attorney-General – who were found to have been involved in the ‘red shirt rorts’ refuse to step down.

This is a disgraceful chapter in Australian politics and the fact that the Victorian mess may have spilled over into NSW should be worrying to all voters, who have a right to be represented by people who do the right thing. People in NSW suffered under 16 years of Labor rule, which saw multiple MPs leave office under a cloud of corruption.

The NSW Nationals take a very dim view of anyone who would abuse the trust placed in them by the people who elected them, and those who would misuse taxpayer’s money to further their own political agenda. Sadly, it seems that no matter where you go in Australia, Labor’s bad apples don’t fall far from the tree.