Luke Foley has made it clear that to the Labor Party, NSW stands for Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong.

The State Opposition Leader’s speech at last weekend’s NSW Labor conference focused on Sydney, with only a throwaway reference to rural and regional NSW.

He said Labor was adopting a policy of decentralisation for the regions, a desperate attempt to mimic the NSW Nationals and convince country people that Labor gives them more than just a passing thought at election time.

There was also an lack of respect shown to Country Labor speakers during the conference – people walking out, others simply talking over whoever had the floor – showing such a lack of concern for regional voices.

During his speech, Luke Foley said the people of NSW “couldn’t afford” to give the Government another term.

It was an ironic comment, given the people of country NSW remember all too well the 16 long years of Labor mismanagement of the budget and neglect for the regions. This included 10 years under Bob Carr followed by the revolving door of leadership that ended with corruption charges for key government figures.

The people of country NSW deserve far better than the faceless men of the Labor Party and their Union bosses. These sad attempts to scare voters into supporting a Party that thinks NSW extends only as far as the Great Dividing Range reveal a lack of vision for the country.

Since coming to power in 2011, the Liberal-Nationals Government have fought for the people of regional NSW by having:

  • Established a $1.3 billion Regional Growth Fund;
  • Directed record spending on roads to Regional NSW;
  • Put more police officers into regional communities; and
  • Laid the groundwork for the nation-building Inland Rail project.