The long-awaited National Energy Guarantee will save families up to $550 a year, welcome relief for millions in our communities.

However, the unholy union of Labor and the Greens have ramped up their opposition to the plan, once again placing ideology over delivering for voters.

The Nationals in Government at both a State and Federal level know people in regional areas are doing it tough because we live in regional areas too, from the Riverina to Broken Hill, Narrabri to the Tweed, and everywhere in between. We are not a party that places special interest groups over what’s best for our communities, and that includes working hard on issues like driving down power prices.

Our position on energy is clear: It needs to be cheaper, it needs to be more reliable, and should be cleaner. Any move to greener energy should take people along for the ride, not happen in spite of them. But we need to maintain affordable baseload power generation until renewables catch up, not simply throw caution to the wind and leave families in the lurch.

According to the Energy Security Board, if Liddell Power Station closes in 2022, power prices will go up. But critically, NSW will also lose a huge chunk of baseload power, putting industries at risk.

For the sake of families and for the businesses they work in, we can’t allow the Labor-Greens union to wreck all of our hard work.